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What is ADISSA?

Supporting School Sport

Abu Dhabi International School Sports Association (ADISSA) was created in 2012 to promote and manage interschool sport competition for Abu Dhabi private schools. Volunteers ensure students have a healthy and consistent competitive sport experience. Competitions between our member schools has been increasing over the past 12 years, we now serve over 4500 students from more than 20 private international schools. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it open to all schools?
    • All Abu Dhabi Private and Charter schools are able to participate in ADISSA Sport Leagues.
  • What if our sports program is developing?
    • To keep competition fair and fun, schools will be allocated into a group based on previous results / size of school or location of school.
  • How many games are played?
    • Around 10 games per sport each season. There are usually 7 weeks of league matches with 2 weeks of tournaments at the end of the season. Our team of experienced competition organizers will arrange the ADISSA seasons based on the number of schools registered for competitions.
    • Schools can also arrange to play matches and tournaments in addition to their ADISSA league games.
  • Are there fees involved?
    • ADISSA is a not-for-profit organization and all fees are invested into the school sports program. The fees are calculated after facility hire, tournaments, and administration costs have been calculated. The fee structure takes into account the amount of teams you would like to enter.
    • If your school requires support to cover the cost of participation, contact us and we will try to arrange support.
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Matt Pollock - ADISSA Chariman
ADISSA brings league play to Abu Dhabi Schools.
"ADISSA provides season based sports competition and activity events in a safe and organized environment for students of international schools within Abu Dhabi."

Matt Pollock - ADISSA Chairman